Race Results

Sunday 7 December 2014 Clingan Shield
Class BOD

  • OOD: Devin Goonewardena

    Lady helms only. 2 races for BODs. Presented by Messrs. E. B. Creasy. Crews must be carried. (No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be RA Mess then Clingan Shield)

    RA Mess, Clingan Shield and Merry Christmas Races! 7 December 2014

    Devin was OOD this day and we celebrated the season with a fleet race (PHC and BHC both apply). A

    very special prize was awarded for adding some seasonal cheer to the occasion.

    All onboard wore Christmas apparel / colours with the boat too, decorated for the event.

    So there was a special prize for the "Best-decorated boat with most colourful helm and crew".

    Judging was done by a panel of ladies onshore!

    Devin had 10 boats on the water for the Clingan and RA Mess for lady helms only. Diana & Rob had

    somehow found the overdrive on their boat and won both races with a large margin - both over the line

    and on handicap. Hence, they won the RA Mess trophy. Mini & Jon was second and was awarded the

    Clingan Shield trophy. After the racing we had Sri Lanka's best Christmas lunch.

    All were there for a day of fun on the water followed up with a festive Xmas meal of the highest quality.


    1Diana WilliamsRob Cantley
    2Mini TrepteJon Trepte
    3Lucie de GhellinckJean-Baptiste de Ghellinck



    Previous Winners

    7 December 2014Mini Trepte
    13 January 2013Mini Trepte
    9 December 2007Sehr Gunewardene
    10 December 2006Diana Williams
    4 December 2005Danii-elle Svendsen
    25 January 2004Pam Pieris
    2004Arosha Jayasundara
    2001Michelle Gunawardana
    2000Peggy McGillivray
    1999Lena Kronhamn
    1998K Hennekens-Straarup
    1997Pam Pieris
    1996G Davis
    1994C Abel
    1993R Baillie
    1992J Penner
    1991Jennifer Blackler
    1990M D'Silva
    1989M D'Silva
    1988M Reuter
    1987Chr Mann
    1986J Greenhalgh
    1985J Greenhalgh
    1984Jennifer Blackler