Race Results

Sunday 23 November 2014 Dowbiggin Cup
Class BOD

  • OOD: Diana Williams

    Presented by Sir Herbert Dowbiggen. A series of 4 races. (No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be Craven then Dowbiggin)

    Craven/Dowbiggin Race report for Sunday 23rd November 2014

    We sailed for the Craven and Dowbiggen Cups. It was sailed over four races, which proved to be difficult considering the conditions. These ranged from early morning white horses reported by Mini and Jon, a pleasant on shore breeze at 10am, which by midday had dwindled to not even a breath, nor a ripple to be seen!! The only movement was hot air coming from the OOD. ‘To go? When to go? Which direction to go, if we do manage to get going??????’Eventually we got on the water ably assisted by Jeremy, who managed the buoys admirably, making adjustments according to the tricky wind conditions. Yes, the wind did get up, all be it rather late.

    8 boats set sail. Unfortunately for Diana and Rob, Di was rather overexcited at being on the water, after many weeks away, being over the start line on the 1st of the four races.

    Duncan and Gail had an interesting idea dunking their spinnaker in the drink prior to the race, which did not prove conducive to sailing speed. There were some hard fought for race positions within the pack, with Thibaut and Rob (single handed) battling it out in style. Jon and Mini have improved their sailing skills with keen perseverance. Trevor and Sarah had several close encounters, being neck and neck on the finish line, in at least one race. Thomas and Steen had their race hopes dashed having touched hulls, therefore having to make a 720 in the 2nd race.

    Congrats to the French, partnership of the day, Thibaut and his experienced crew - Julien, winning the Dowbiggen cup. This was particularly well done, considering the light wind conditions.

    The Craven cup went to returning master sailor, Graham, with Janaka as crew, sweeping the board. Many thanks, as ever, to all those providing the magnificent and yummy cuisine, rounding off an intriguing days sailing.

    Enough rambling, signing off.

    From your OOD, Diana


    1Graham FraserJanaka Krishan
    2Thibaut de Saint-DenisJulien Carayon
    3Jon TrepteMini Trepte



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