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Sunday 25 January 2015 Rear Commodore's Race
Class All
Notes BHC

  • OOD: Per G Hansen

    A prize presented by the Rear Commodore who acts as OOD

    Rear Commodore's Race & Fleet Race - 25th January 2015

    Both races were sailed concurrently.

    The Rear Commodore, Per Hansen, as OOD had a tough time setting up a course as the weak easterly breeze was fighting the westerly sea winds making conditions on the lake very unpredictable and shifty. A strong outgoing current added to the challenge. The OOD set a course using marks 10, 5 and 2 ending with a twist around RCR since we had a NNE wind. Just before the start, with ten boats on the water, the wind dropped almost completely and everybody, except Lalin, struggled with the prevailing conditions. Running from 10 to 5, the wind direction was now from the east and there was a huge shift in the positions since the wind died as the boats were approaching mark 5. Lalin was still way ahead of everybody but then Thomas & Steen in 62 were completely still in the water for several minutes trying to round Mark 5, battling the lack of wind & strong river current. Trevor & Sarah F in 52 and Rob & Sarah P in 25 caught the wind and took off pursued by Per & Janaka in 61 and the rest of the fleet. Frustrated by not being able to catch any wind Jon & Mini in 51 and Hans S & John W in 60 retired from the race.

    On the leg from mark 2 to 10, Lalin was able to pull away even more from the rest of the fleet. Per & Janaka (61) advanced by following the wind, not the course. At this time the fleet had been on the water for almost an hour and had only complete one third of the planned course so the OOD decided to shorten the race. With Jeremy and Suzanne's help in the motorboat he was able to inform all sailors about this. It turned out to be a wise decision because he finished in first position! Some of the remaining sailors expressed their concerns about this but OOD replied that this was tactical sailing and it was the Rear Commodore's race anyhow. The fleet race was won by visiting ex-Commodore Roland Kilgos and his wife Grete in a club boat with Chandima sailing single handed into second place. Per H. and Janaka took 1st place in the Rear Commodore's race with Thomas and Steen as runner up.

    Thanks to the RC for some lovely prizes.

    After the prize giving there was an outstanding spread put on the table from extra hot curries to pork roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, Yorkshire puddings and Janssons fristelser. And just to complete the meal, chocolate pudding came on the table.


    1Per G HansenJanaka Krishan
    2Thomas MunkSteen Wetlesen
    3Trevor KennedySarah Flynn



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