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Saturday 30 May 2015 CMYC Optimist Shackle Trophy Shackle Optimists
Class OPT

  • OOD: Jeremy Bolling

    CMYC Shackle - 30-31 May 2015

    This weekend we held the CMYC Shackle. We had 9 GP14s on the water and 20 Optimists sailing in the Club Championships. The Opti's sailed a series of 3 races on Saturday and the GP14 championship consisted of 5 hard races over 2 days with a stiff breeze on both days. Everyone sailed exceptionally well. The standard of racing on display at the club was outstanding, headed by Devin and who put on a real master-class any sailor would have been proud of. It was also really nice to see so many families and old friends back on the water with combined crew and helm ages ranging from 36 to over 120 years. Young and old got together at the club to fight it out on the water. This time youth triumphed over experience, with Devin and Goonawardena sailing to victory in the main race and Josh and his sister Kimberley Karpinski taking the PHC trophy. The standard of sailing in the Opti races was also very high. It was so encouraging to see the future of the club is in good hands with a strong foundation of youngsters starting to make a transition into the GP14 class. Also it was lovely to see some of our longstanding members at the club enjoying the sailing and witnessing the effects of the many Decades of support, effort and the training they have given over the years. The day was a real testament to the history of the club and the success of the continued youth development program.

    After the racing on Saturday, there was an excellent BBQ organised by Mini and Sarah Flynn. On Sunday, Gail and the ladies also put on yet another amazing spread with starters and a roast dinner, which rivalled any top restaurant in the country. Sarah provided a delightful dessert, which was enjoyed by all. Again, thanks to the sailing committee for their continued support and efforts. The spirit of sailing was definitely on display at the club with support from the Navy and the Sri Lankan Yachting Association, helping by lending personnel and equipment for the event. A massive thank you must go to Jeremy Bolling who set an excellent course, keeping the racing close and competitive and Ernst also gave up his two days of sailing to help run the starts on the water. Everyone’s support was really appreciated.

    After all the races were sailed the final result of the main Shackle was: 3rd Graham Fraser and Janaka Krishan; in 2nd were Jeremy Bolling and Mini Trepte and victory went to Devin Goonawardena and Goonawardene. In the PHC trophy 3rd went to Devin Goonawardena and Goonawardena 2nd went to Trevor Kennedy and Sarah Flynn. The winners were Joshua and Kimberley Karpinski. The optimist results were 3rd Jordan Bolling 2nd Nisal Walpola and 1st place went to Zai Pestonjee

    Next week, there is the usual fleet race but it is also the Jevian trophy. This is open to all classes of boat that can carry helm and crew. The trophy is designed to get youngsters into boats. It is a race for families too, helm and crew must be a parent and their child. But it is also a great opportunity for any older sailor to encourage a young sailor onto the water and give them a go in a GP14. As I mentioned earlier our investment in youth is the real future of the club.

    Thanks again to all involved and I hope to see you all on the water soon

    Rob Moore

    CMYC Sailing Convener





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