Race Results

Sunday 14 February 2016 Freelanka XO Trophy
Class All
Notes BHC

  • OOD: Joseph Kenny

    Single fleet race. Freelanka Trophies. Presented by Free Lanka Trading. No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be XO then Napoleon. Crew must be carried if class has crew

    14th February 2016 - Freelanka Trophies & Fleet Race

    The sea breeze returned to Bologoda Lake & the 8 boats that came out onto the water enjoyed long beats, runs & reaches on an excellent course set by Joe Kenny. He was the only one to complete the course in under an hour with the rest of the fleet following hard on his rudder!! It was good to welcome back some sailors we haven’t seen in a while & have an age range from almost four years old to mid seventies taking part.

    The CMYC would like to thank Mr Asela Kumaranathunga - Head of Sales & Marketing and Mr Sanjaya Wehalla - Channel Development Manager for their generous sponsorship and support of the Freelanka Trophies.

    Mr Asela Kumaranathunga came forward to make a short speech after the racing and present the prizes.

    Here are a few words from our sponsors of these trophies.

    "Thank you very much for the opportunity given to us to come on board as a main sponsor for XO and Napoleon trophies.

    Also for great hospitality at the yacht club.

    Free Lanka trading company (Pvt) Limited was established in 1960. Over the years it has built up an image & reputation of a safe and trustworthy business house. This has enabled the company to have a long and fruitful association with internationally recognised firms from around the world. The Wine & Spirits Division was established in 1981 and today it has evolved in to being a specialist trading company in the Wines and Spirits business representing many reputed international companies and their brands in SriLanka as well as in the Maldives.”

    It was a pleasure to host the sponsors and to have their support and we look forward to next year’s competition.

    Thank you to Jon Trepte for assisting with the OOD duties, to Louise Collier for the pictures, to all the cooks for a splendid dinner & to everyone for joining in and making the Valentine’s Day so special.


    1Joseph KennyJanaka Krishan
    2Mini TrepteJeremy Bolling
    3Rob MooreSarah Flynn



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