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Sunday 2 July 2017 Ant Island Trophy Race 2 of 11
Class All
Notes All

  • OOD: Duncan Fraser

    A series of 11 races in 2017 (4 discards allowed). Same boat must be sailed. Only those with PHC of 7 and above are eligible for Ant Island Trophy. Applicable PHC will be that of the first race.

    Coronation Cup 2nd July - Race report

    5 GP14s joined the fray as a true Olympic style course was set by The OOD in a lively breeze. The start proved to be challenging for Anil and Michelle who attempted a pin end start but jumped the bell and also for Marc and Mini who got caught out in the pack in the middle of the line, gently touching a leeward boat and were just over the line. The two offending boats quickly put things right by restarting even before the OOD was able to trigger the Individual recall flag.

    Anil and Michelle then got to work and picked off the rest of the fleet one by one. Unfortunately for them, Per and Janaka who got away with a flying start, proved just too much for them and it all culminated in a thrilling finish which had the spectators on their feet and applauding the great sailing on display. This included a new capsize trick from Marc & Mini. They had a tangled spinnaker which Marc elected to untwist. He asked Mini to helm then deftly leapt to the bow & unexpectedly proceeded to climb the mast! Needless to say a gust of wind, an unprepared helm controlling the spinnaker & rudder & a change in centre of gravity produced the inevitable capsize. All was well in the end & they completed the race, albeit in last place.

    Per then filled the beautiful trophy with a mixture of rocket fuel and coke, well that’s what it tasted like, for all to imbibe.

    Sailors and spectators then sat down to a wonderful lunch and I would like to thank the many chefs who contributed their time, skills and effort to what turned out to be another special afternoon at the CMYC.

    Your OOD - Duncan Fraser


    25 March 2018 Overall Result

    1Jon TrepteMini Trepte
    2Ernst Prachatik
    3Rob Moore


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