Race Results

Sunday 17 September 2017 Bart's Bash Laser
Class LAS
Notes BHC SH

  • OOD: Per B Svendsen

    A worldwide race in commemoration of Andrew 'Bart' Simpson arranged by the Andrew Simpson Foundation www.bartsbash.co.uk

    Bart’s Bash 17th September OOD Capt Per

    Follow these links for the Provisional Leaderboard results for CMYC http://www.bartsbash.com/leaderboard?venue=Ceylon%20Motor%20Yacht%20Club


    Top countries http://www.bartsbash.com/bashboard?year=2017

    Have a browse round the rest of the Bart’s Bash website to see how we fared worldwide.

    Well done to everyone that took part and supported the event.


    1UD Rajapaksha
    2KVN Dimal
    3PDDS Rajapaksha



    Previous Winners

    17 September 2017UD Rajapaksha
    20 September 2015PNPK Disanayake