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Sunday 24 November 2019 Quaich Challenge
Class All

  • OOD: Jon Trepte

    The Quaich (pronounced quake), was presented to the club by the chieftain of the Caledonian Society of Sri Lanka in 2007, is a special kind of shallow two-handled drinking cup or bowl in Scotland. It derives from the Scottish Gaelic cuach meaning a cup

    Race report by Jonquil – 24th November 2019 - The Quaich

    The wind was an elusive factor today – initially there was not a breath – but a light zyphyr appeared just after midday and the race was on! 4 GP’s and one Laser started and the first leg beat to 10 was flukey with a lift to the mark that separated the fleet slightly but with all boats in contention.

    The 2nd leg, with a steady following wind meant that everyone flew their spinnakers to good effect. At the ODM mark the leading boat of Anil sailing with Michelle in GP47 Jagath 1 rounded ODM the wrong way then had to unwind & re round ODM. The things that happen when you’re at the front of the fleet!! Richard sailing with Janaka in GP54 Moonshine rounded in 2nd place followed by Jonquil sailing with Simon in GP63 Tinkerbell in 3rd place who managed to tangle her spinnaker and spent the next leg untangling it. This meant that now the two leading boats pulled clear and the race between Tinkerbell and Mini sailing with Kaif in GP62 Windfighter became heated.

    At the 4th mark the wind died away and the two leading boats pulled further ahead while the 3rd and 4th place was hotly contested with Windfighter catching a beautiful lift to mark while Tinkerbell put in an unnecessary tack and rounded the mark in 4th place.

    In the meantime Ernst in his Laser decided to retire gracefully while he had some wind to return to the bar in good time and good spirits!

    The final leg saw an amazingly close finish between Anil and Richard – separated by less than one second. Third and fourth place look like positions might change on the run in but the elusive breeze returned and Mini retained her 3rd place over the line.

    Due to the handicap system the order of winning the trophy was reversed – with Tinkerbell helmed by Jonquil and crewed by Simon that won the day with Mini and her crew Kaif in Wind Fighter coming second.

    The Quaich was filled with a wee dram and shared by all this was followed by some haggis & “gravy”!!

    Four Optimists raced for the Opti Quaich Shield in the same elusive wind. It's a credit to them that they all managed to complete the race! The results were as follows 1st Dhanika Nanayakkara, 2nd Nikhil Nanayakkara, 3rd Tharen Nanayakkara and finally 4th Yusef Hazari.

    Well done.


    1Jonquil NichollSimon Langan
    2Mini TrepteKaif Sally
    3Richard GouldJanaka Krishan



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