RA Mess Challenge Cup
Class BOD
Notes BHC

Lady helms only. 2 races for BODs. Presented by Messrs. E. B. Creasy. Crews must be carried. (No sailor may win more than one trophy. Order of priority for award of trophies will be RA Mess then Clingan Shield)

Previous Winners

Year Helm
2018Nadine de Rosayro
2017Nadine de Rosayro
2015Diana Cantley
2014Diana Cantley
2012Gail Fraser
2007Pramukshi Kariyawasam
2006Sehr Gunewardene
2005Michelle Gunawardana
2004Arosha Jayasundara
2001Michelle Gunawardana
2000Peggy McGillivray
1999Lena Kronhamn
1998Pam Pieris
1997Michelle Gunawardana
1996G Davis
1995Michelle Gunawardana
1994Michelle Gunawardana
1993M D'Silva
1992J Penner
1991Jennifer Blackler
1990M D'Silva
1989M D'Silva
1988Chr Mann
1987K Davidson
1986Jennifer Blackler
1985Jennifer Blackler
1984K Davidson