Race Results

Sunday 17 June 2018 Fleet Race Opti
Class OPT
Notes SH

  • OOD: Purajitha Taldena

    Sailing on Sunday 17th June 2018 - OOD PJ - Tyros & Bowen Northway

    PJ kindly agreed to be OOD for the day and set a course for the Tyros and Bowen Northway Trophies which comprised a series of 3 races. The winds picked up for the first race but died off through the second so a shortened course was implemented for the final race. Adam Newns sailed well as helm for the first time with his father Chris as crew. Their sailing became more competitive as the race series progressed. Great to see.

    The Tyros Trophy was duly won by an ecstatic Richard Gould & Janaka with Ernst the proud winner of the Bowen Northway.

    We were pleased to see 3 Opti sailors on the water & they gamely tackled the long course putting up a great battle over two races. Jehan De Silva being the eventual winner. Well done to you all and we look forward to seeing more Optis and Lasers on the water.


    1Jehan De Silva
    2Tarini De Silva
    3Mathisha Karunaratne



    Previous Winners

    17 June 2018Jehan De Silva
    28 January 2018Jehan De Silva
    14 January 2018
    20 September 2015Kethaka Weerasuriya