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Sunday 19 July 2020 Jevian Trophy *** TO BE RESCHEDULED ***
Class Ho, En, GP14, Cat

  • OOD:

    Presented by Tony Coplans. Family event. Parent & child to sail together. Combined PHC to apply

    Jon's Fleet Race 19th July 2020 - OOD Jon

    On Sunday the Jevian Trophy was scheduled to be run concurrently with the Fleet Race. This great trophy is a family trophy where parent and child sail together. Unfortunately there weren't enough sailors for this to be run so the fleet race was sailed with 5 boats on the water.

    Once again the lake was devoid of significant wind so our OOD, Jon, designed a course with 3 possible finishes just in case the wind changed from light to super light to breathless. As it turned out there was plenty of wind - which was flukey at times - to complete the course in full.

    Over the line Roshanara & Janaka took the honours with Mini in second, Duncan & Gail in third, the pairing of brothers Niveyn & Dhanika in 4th and Ernst in 5th after retiring early to the bar.

    With PHC the only change was Mini in 1st place with Roshanara & Janaka in 2nd.

    Duncan & Gail would have been much further ahead if not for the mistake we have all made many times of not thoroughly checking boat before launching. As a result they had to go back to shore to rectify the problem safely & were then faced with the mammoth task of chasing down the fleet.

    Meanwhile back at the clubhouse competition continued on the lawn as the game of croquet, which had been set out by the Rear Commodore, was played by Rob, Sarah & Jonny. Much fun was enjoyed by the players & spectators with Rob winning, Sarah runner up & Jonny second runner up. Continuing the parent/child or big/little theme the kids later on played a game which they described as the "best game ever". Just like golf but better!!

    Rob & Sarah organised a fabulous feast with a BBQ on the lawn. The adult/child theme was followed creatively with large & small variations of food. The pictures of some of the dishes give you an idea. A super idea. Thank you.

    It was such a great day.

    This coming Sunday is the America's Cup & curry lunch so come & enjoy your club. The water beckons & the croquet will be ready for you to turn your hand to.

    See you soon







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