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Sunday 16 August 2020 CMYC Tuskers 50 BOD50 Race 1
Class BOD50

  • OOD: Jonny Martenstyn

    CMYC Tuskers 50

    CMYC Tuskers Flat Water Series Leg 1

    So the day, Sunday 16th of August, finally came for the CMYC Tuskers to return to the waters. Due to various reasons the BOD50's were lamenting in their sheds for much too long. The fact that 5 of the 6 BOD50's at the club plus one guest BOD50 boat participated in the days activities shows the keenness of the racers in the sport.

    The day started early for some with many cloak and dagger activities with regards to prop selection, air pressures and fuel mixtures taking place. The race briefing was expertly delivered by Rob, where everyone was briefed on course and safety.

    The start of the first race of the day was unfortunately delayed due to many boats and engines needing some last minute TLC due to the fact that the boats hadn’t seen any action in some time. Finally at around 12.30pm 6 boats made it to the start line.

    Boat No. 02 Hot Lemon

    Piloted by Kshemendra and crewed by Jordan

    Sadly Hot Lemon was one of the boats that didn’t make it out of the hiatus in one piece. Generally the boat to beat, it was plagued with leaking tubes on boat and engine.

    Boat No. 07 Persa

    Piloted by Rob and crewed by Sarah

    Yet another team that had to change boats and that too to a boat that needed to be patched up but having the benefit of some new modifications done to its engine that certainly made it the best sounding boat on the line.

    Boat No. 22 Swampy

    Piloted by Mini and crewed by Monisha

    Swampy, now an all female team struggled with some issues related to its tubes and set up. But on the whole a much improved performance at this leg.

    Boat No. 73 Croc Hunter

    Piloted by Jonathan and crewed by Ruan

    Yet another boat with issues holding air.

    Boat No. 92 Gale Force

    Piloted by Duncan and crewed by Gail.

    Ever consistent Gale Force was as usual in top form but for a fuel issue from time to time.

    Boat No. 22 – Wild Strawberries

    Piloted by Dinesha crewed by Eshani

    Guest boat and first time racing, another all female team, team Wild Strawberries did extremely well.

    With the trial of the new starting sequence, of having all the boats starting from a standing start, the first race started off with a bang with Gale Force around the first marker followed by Croc Hunter, Persa, Hot Lemon, Swampy and Wild Strawberries. With Gale Force in the lead Croc Hunter took the extended lap on the first lap. Gale force was seen making a dash for the extended lap buoy on the second lap and was making waves to re-join the M course when Croc Hunter rounded the last buoy and headed towards the first buoy. It was neck and neck at the start finish line when the chequered flag came out. It was an exciting race with video footage needing to be scrutinized several times to pick the winner between Gale Force and Croc Hunter. It was later learnt that in the excitement of it all the Chequered Flag had come out a lap too early.

    Result of the 1st race, Gale Force, Croc Hunter, Persa, Swampy, Wild Strawberries and Hot Lemon.

    The Second race saw Croc Hunter round the start finish buoy in 1st closely followed by Gale Force. Croc Hunter went on the extended lap on the first lap and re-joined behind Swampy. Although Croc Hunter overtook Swampy at buoy No.1 by going on a wide line, Swampy piloted by Mini took an aggressive tight turn to retake the position by buoy No.2. Croc Hunter coming in from the wide line into buoy No.2 tried to cut in behind Swampy and disappeared in the wake of Swampy for what seemed like an eternity. Unfortunately Swampy then decided to go for the extended lap which gave Croc Hunter a clean run to the finish line closely followed by Gale Force coming in from the extended lap. Persa came in 3rd followed by Wild Strawberries, Swampy and Hot Lemon.

    The Third race started off with a bit of confusion which resulted in some close racing that saw Gale Force over the finish line in first followed by Croc Hunter, Wild Strawberries, Persa, Swampy and Hot Lemon.

    In the fourth and final race Gale Force got off on another good start followed by Croc Hunter but before getting to the first turn newcomers Wild Strawberries, who had a flying start, were in second place. Some close racing was witnessed and the race finished with first time racers Wild Strawberries in first and Gale Force in second followed by Croc Hunter, Persa, Swampy and Hot Lemon. For this last race the driver and crew changed on Hot Lemon with Jordan piloting and Kshemendra crewing. The result of Kshemendra possibly crewing for the first time and Jordan piloting for the first time was that Kshemendra was thrown off Hot Lemon at the last right turn of the last lap of the race.

    All in all a really good days racing and thanks must go out to Jon, Ralf and Ernst for showing up at the club to officiate. Thanks also go out to Neil and Ishan for helping out with the staff and the boat boys for helping out with the boats and course set up. Finally a huge round of applause to Hot Lemon for starting all the races when the boat was clearly not race ready on the day.

    CMYC Tuskers Flat Water Series 2020 Final Points Standing Leg No.1

    1. Gale Force – 20 17 20 17 74 points

    2. Croc Hunter – 17 20 17 15 69 points

    3. Wild Strawberries – 11 13 15 20 59 points

    4. Persa – 15 15 13 13 56 points

    5. Swampy – 13 11 11 11 46 points

    6. Hot Lemon – 10 10 10 10 40 points


    1Duncan FraserGail Fraser
    2Jonny MartenstynRuan Dayananda
    3Dee PereraEshani De Silva





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