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(a)  Sailing instructions and Courses
Individual copies of sailing instructions will not be issued. Courses will be shown on the Officer of the Day’s board and competitors are responsible for familiarising themselves with the course to be sailed.

(b)  Life Vests
Optimists: Life vests are compulsory equipment.  Whilst racing all crew members must wear a life vest.
Others: Life vest is compulsory if requested by the Officer of the Day. Flag “Y” will be flown.

(c)  Buoyancy
All boats have to carry sufficient buoyancy bags.

(d)  Starting and Finishing Lines
These lines are formed by an extension of the transit of two diamonds on shore. The outward limit of the line will be marked with a course mark and the inward limit may be similarly marked when necessary. Any or both of these marks may not be exactly in line. Should a start in the open lake be used, then one or more floating objects may be used to designate the line to the satisfaction of the sailing committee.

(e)  Course Marks
Marks may be poles, buoys or natural features as indicated on the Officer of the Day’s Board.
Where a mark in the course is an island, fish trap, fish hut or other fixed obstacle, and a boat touches any part of the mark which is below the water, that the boat shall not be penalized for having so touched.
When Ant lsland (No. 2) is used as a mark, the rock immediately to the east of it shall be considered a part of the mark.

(f) Time
The starting time for all races will be shown on the Officer of the Day’s Board. Morning races will normally start at 11.30 a.m. Should there be a tie on the total between Afternoon races will normally start at 2.30 p.m. Races may not be held earlier than the stated times.

(g) Team Racing
All team racing will be under ISAF-RRS Rules.

(h) Personal Handicaps (PHC)
These will normally be adjusted monthly by the Sailing Committee based on earlier race results.  The Sailing Committee will arbitrate on all matters related to PHCs.

(i) Time Limit
There will be a time duration limit of 2½ hours within which the first boat must finish in all races unless otherwise specified on the OOD’s Board before the start.

(j) Race Entries
Members or guests of members entering for races sailed under the Club burgee will be deemed to be owners of the Yacht they sail for the duration of the race. Guests competing in club races need not necessarily be members of a recognized Yacht or Sailing Club. However, only members shall be eligible to be awarded club trophies, and where a race is won by a non-member, the trophy shall be awarded to the highest-ranked member participating in that race. Guests sailing in races where personal handicaps apply shall be deemed to have a zero personal handicap for that race.
Members intending to race must enter boats in the ‘Race Entry Book’ prior to the 5-minute bell.

(k) Class Rules
A new yacht or one brought from outside the Club shall not be eligible to compete in class races until she has been measured and passed by the Fleet Captain.

(l) Certificate of Conformity
Certificates of Conformity may be obtained by individual boat owners from the Fleet Captain.

(m) Unclassified Yachts
An unclassified yacht, while observing the RYA Rules in regard to buoyancy or lifesaving equipment, must carry a suitable paddle and bailer.

(n) Class Handicap
Club boat handicaps will be based on the Portsmouth Yardstick.  The Sailing Committee will arbitrate on all matters related to Boat Handicaps (BHCs).  The following are the Portsmouth Numbers in use at CMYC (ref

GP 14


Old GP 14




Laser Std


Laser Radial


Laser 4.7








Nacra 5.5 SL


Hobie 16






BOD 50


BOD 15




Cat A Class


Topcat K4X Classic


Corrections to times are made using the following formula:

Corrected Time (C) = Elapsed Time (E) x 1000 / Portsmouth Number (N)
Handicaps to be used for other classes will be determined by the Sailing Committee.

(o) Spinnakers
All classes of boats may carry a spinnaker where class regulations so permit.

(p) Single-Handed Sailing
Where the race conditions specifically permit single-handed sailing, this will only apply to those Classes in which Class rules and regulations so permit.

(q) 720/360 Penalty Option, and Protesting
The CMYC has adopted the One-turn / Two-turn Penalty (ISAF rule 31.2 / 44.2) in all club races other than team races, except where otherwise specified by the OOD.
A protest is to be indicated by the flying of a red flag from the shroud of the protesting crew’s boat, from the time of the incident until the end of a race.

(r) Others
All races will be sailed under the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of the ISAF with RYA Prescriptions when promulgated, supplemented by local rules which are detailed in this programme, and any additional rules laid down by the Sailing Committee during the course of the season.
Official races require a minimum of three competitors when a club trophy or cup is being competed for.
Except when specified in the Sailing lnstructions, in any series the number of races to count are as follows:-

In a series of

2 races

count 2


3 races

count 3


4 races

count 3


5 races

count 4


6 races

count 4


7 races

count 5


8 races

count 6


9 races

count 6


10 races

count 7


11 races

count 7


12 races

or more count 8

Except when specified otherwise in the Sailing Instructions, the lowest total score denotes the winner of the series. In the event of a tie, the RYA scoring system for a short series will be applied.
two or more yachts, the tie shall be broken in favour of the yacht or with the most first places, and should any such yachts remain tied, the most second places and so on, if necessary for all the races which count for total points.
Should the result still be tied, the tie is to be broken in favour of the higher placed of the two helmsmen in the last race of the series which both helmsmen sailed against one another.

Old GP14’s are defined as original, un-reconditioned BOD1 boats without spinnaker rigging – currently:  nos. 1 thru’ 46, except 8, 24, 25

Hornet’s PN is adjusted from 973 to 1078 in line with the Laser (CMYC Cttee. Ruling, 2009)


The Officer of the Day is nominated from qualified helms with handicaps of 12 or less; Flag Officers act as OODs for their own trophy races. The responsibil­ity for maintaining the list and advising members when it is their turn rests with the Sailing Convener and the Sailing Committee.
OODs may change their duties but should inform the Sailing Convener or a member of the Sailing Committee. A Substitute OOD should be prepared to do the OOD’s duty if he/she is unavailable.
Each OOD will have the full backing of the Sailing Committee. This means that the OOD’s decision on a dispute, after consultation with the Sailing Committee if necessary, is final.
A full set of instructions for the OOD are issued to selected helms at the time they are notified of their duty date.
Prizes will be awarded as follows:
Fleet Races:
Prizes may be awarded after the completion of the race, provided that a mini­mum of 3 boats have started.
Prizes, where applicable, will be determined by the Sailing Sub-committee and will be presented by the OOD on the same day.
Flag Officers’ Races:
Prizes will be presented by the Flag Officer concerned after completion of the race. These will be provided by the Flag Officer.
Cup Races:
Trophies or Cups sponsored by organisations and companies may be pre­sented on the day after completing the race by a representative of the sponsor.
Prizes awarded for winning club cups and trophies will be presented by the Commodore’s wife at the annual prize-giving function.