Welcome to Ceylon Motor Yact Club

We are a Private Club and the Club House is maintained by and for its Members. All those interested in sailing and boating are welcome to use the Club, provided they are signed in by a Member. Relatives and friends who may be accompanying you will be treated as guests.

Visitors are invited to take part in CMYC and YASL events, provided the rules of the event allow. Please refer to the racing Calendar.

On each visit to the Club House will you please sign the Visitor's Book in the Reception Area. When your friends and relatives visit the Club House they must sign the Visitor's Book on each occasion. Guests are not permitted to buy drinks.


Club House

The Club House is open daily with most activity taking part on Saturdays and Sundays.

Boat park facilities are available for visitors, along with the services of the boatmen, for the standard charges.

Car Park

There is ample space for parking. We do request that vehicles are parked sensibly, particularly in the wetter months, to preserve the beautiful nature of our grounds.

Bar and Catering

The bar is open daily, with hot and cold drinks, alcoholic or soft, available at very keen prices!

There are some snacks available, with a limited range of food items for cooking or barbecueing.

Most people will muck in with those that are in the Club that day and share food brought with them - or you buy the wine!

There is a Curry Lunch on the last Sunday of every month, with a minimum of 3 days advance warning of attendance required.


The Club can be contacted on 0114 212394 or by email on club@cmyc.lk