Indibedda, Moratuwa

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+94 11 421 2394


Past Events

2022 Bart's Bash

Bart's Bash 2022 was the biggest event to happen at CMYC Bolgoda so far this year. 38...

11 Sep 2022

Fleet Race

6 boats took to the water for this fleet race. OOD Jordan Bolling

28 Aug 2022

Fleet Race

Fleet races resumed at CMYC after a lapse of a few weeks owing to the transport situation. 7...

21 Aug 2022

1971 Interport Regatta

The 1971 Interport Regatta at the Royal Madras Yacht Club had clubs RBYC, RMYC, Bangalore Sailing...

01 Jan 1971
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Ceylon Motor Yacht Club

The Ceylon Motor Yacht Club (CMYC) was established in 1929. We have operated from our current location on the Bolgoda lake since 1936.  The Club has always been at the centre of dinghy racing in Sri Lanka, with many of its members representing the country in various world events.  

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